Gadar 2 tremendous hit, the reason is this cool dialogue

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Sunny Deol's film 'Gadar 2' has proved to be a blockbuster hit at the box office. The film has crossed the Rs 400 crore mark within a few days of its release. blockbuster hit

Critics have described the story of Gadar 2 as breathless, yet this film has proved to be a super hit. The reason for the film being a super hit is not the story but the explosive dialogues of the film. story breathless again

Sunny Deol from Indian Army 'You do not recognize Tara Singh, ask your enemies who is Tara Singh' Tara Singh who

Pakistan Officer Tara to 'You people have done a lot of oppression on the Muslim brothers in India, now we will give them freedom.'

Tara Singh's reply to the Pak officer 'To whom will you give freedom, if the people of Pakistan get a second chance to settle in India, to whom will you give freedom?

So more than half of Pakistan will be empty. Even if you beg with a bowl, you will not get alms.' You will not get alms either.

Tara Singh 'Miya, if desires exceed their limits, then there is no need of enemies for destruction.' Desires exceed their limits

‘He is the son-in-law of Pakistan, give him a coconut vaccine, otherwise this time he will take Lahore as dowry.’ Lahore in dowry

Jitte 'You have read Quran more than my mother has recited it to me,' Tara's son

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