Follow this routine for 30 days, your life will change

Follow this routine for 30 days your life will change by amrendra kumar yadav 02 Aug 2023 0307 pm

Changing Lifestyle In the changing lifestyle, many types of problems are happening due to the daily routine of the people.

Changes will happen, we will talk about routine to improve them, adopting which you will see a lot of change in your life.

Exercise Do exercise for 4050 minutes every morning after waking up. This keeps the body fit and healthy.

Meditation Do meditation daily for 1015 minutes, it keeps the mind calm and negative thoughts do not come.

Include healthy food in your diet and avoid fast food. Eating healthy food will keep you healthy.

Due to work load, people cut down on sleep due to which many serious problems can occur. To avoid this, take at least 7 hours of sleep.

Express Gratitude Express gratitude to God for whatever you have and help those in need.

Get into the habit of reading daily, read 1015 pages daily. Will keep learning something new from this.

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