Follow these Vastu tips for happiness and peace at home

Follow these Vastu tips for happiness and peace at home by amrendra kumar yadav 05 Aug 2023 1116 am

Vastu Shastra Vastu has been considered very important. It has rules for everything.

Positive Energy By following the rules mentioned in Vastu, positive energy comes and ignoring them leads to negative energy communication in the house.

Happiness comes, today we will talk about some such Vastu measures, adopting which brings happiness and peace in the house.

Keep these things in the north direction North direction is considered very auspicious in Vastu. Keeping green plants in this direction is considered very auspicious.

Basil plant Must plant basil plant in the house, it brings positive energy in the house. Plant the basil plant in the northeast direction.

Sun's rays: When the sun's rays enter the house in the morning, positive energy is transmitted, so keep the windows and doors open for some time in the morning.

Don't keep garbage in this direction. The northeast direction is considered very auspicious. That's why garbage should not be kept in this direction, nor should the store room be made in this direction.

Place this photo in the southeast. A picture of seven running horses should be placed in the southeast direction of the house, this keeps the fire element balanced.

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