Follow these tips for mental health

Follow these tips for mental health by farhan khan 06 Aug 2023 0415 pm

Mental Health People often ignore their mental health. When you are under stress, the productivity of your work also decreases.

Due to not taking care of depression mental health, many people also become victims of depression.

Tips In such a situation, today we will tell you some tips through which you can take care of your mental health.

Build social social connections. Talk to people. Make friends. Talk on the phone or face to face. This reduces your stress.

Exercise Exercise daily because exercising will not only keep you physically active but it is also good for your brain.

Walk You can walk. This has a great impact on your mental health and emotional health.

Try doing meditation yoga or meditation it will help you to keep relax. This will also reduce your stress level.

Healthy Food Include such foods in your diet which are rich in fatty acids. It will improve your mental health.

Green leafy vegetables For this, you can eat fatty fish, dry fruits, avocado beans, green leafy vegetables, berries and many other types of fresh fruits.

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