Follow these rules while eating, there will be no shortage of money

Follow these rules while eating there will be no shortage of money by ashish mishra 03 Aug 2023 0800 am

Food Everyone needs food. It has been recognized as Prasad. Let us know what things should be kept in mind while eating.

Annapurna Devi In Hinduism, Annapurna is considered the goddess of food. Food should always be respected. By doing this, there is no shortage of food in the house.

Cooking food Whenever you cook food, keep the body and mind pure. It is said that food should be cooked only with a pure body.

Food God and Annapurna Mata should be praised before eating food. Food should be taken only after doing this.

The direction of cooking According to Vastu, while cooking food, the face should be towards the east. Due to this, the stock of food grains in the house remains full.

Direction of Eating The direction for eating is also fixed. While eating, the face should be in the east and north direction. By doing this, happiness remains in the house.

The opposite direction should never be eaten while facing south and west direction. It is inauspicious to do so.

While eating, try not to speak. If you talk while eating, the food can enter your windpipe.

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