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Seeing the fitness of supermodel Milind Soman, anyone becomes his fan. Milind

Seeing Milind's fitness, who would not be good who does not wish to get physical like him. fitness

Secret Today we will tell you about the super secret of Milind Soman's fitness i.e. his diet.

Milind drinks water first thing in the morning every day. Have breakfast after half an hour. Water

Breakfast Nuts or two fruits are eaten in breakfast. Or prefer to drink fresh juice.

Lunch: Seasonal vegetables, lentils and rice, eat 2 spoons of homemade ghee.

Roti If you don't want to eat rice with lentils in lunch, then eat 6 rotis with lentils and vegetables.

Dinner Dinner is very light. A plate of vegetable or khichdi.

Milind always likes to eat jaggery when he has a craving for sweets.

In non-veg, chicken, mutton or eggs are consumed once a month.

They do not eat soft drinks, stay away from Talabhuna processed packaged food.

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