Don't donate these things even by mistake, you may become a pauper

Don't donate these things even by mistake by ashish mishra 03 Aug 2023 0400 pm

Donating Donating things is considered auspicious in Hinduism. But sometimes they donate without knowing it. Let us know which things should not be donated

Happiness should never be donated to anything without knowing it. By doing this, the happiness of the house can be snatched away.

Many people wear negativity by asking for other's things. According to Vastu, doing this has a negative effect.

Donation of Utensils Utensils made of plastic, steel and glass should not be donated. Doing so may hinder business.

Oil There are many people who donate the used oils. It is wrong to do so. This can make Shani Dev angry.

Broom The broom is considered a form of Lakshmi. Never donate a broom. Mother Lakshmi gets angry by doing this. Because of which financial crisis can come in the house.

Donating stale food to poor needy people is considered auspicious. Apart from this, stale food should never be donated. Doing this can bring poverty in the house.

Donation of milk Donation of milk should not be done after sunset. It is said that donating it after sunset does not bring blessings to the house.

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