Doing bikini wax for the first time, then these things should be known

Aug 10 2023 bikini wax is being done for the first time, so these things should be known tripti sharma

It is necessary to get bikini wax done 'Ma'am, it will not cause much pain, it is necessary for you' 'Now a days everyone is getting it done' Whenever you would have asked the didi or aunty of the parlor about bikini wax, they must have told you these things. . sourceistock

It should be your choice Getting a bikini wax done should be completely your decision. The sister of the parlor is after you, not at all because of this. Yes, if you want to get bikini wax done then you must know these things. sourceistock

Trim hair Make sure to trim your pubic hair before getting a bikini wax. This is because when the hair growth is less, you will not feel much pain. At the same time wax will also be done well. sourceistock

While cleaning the hair length of the bikini line, keep in mind that their length should be such that they can be pulled comfortably with a waxing strip. This is because if they are too small then waxing will not be done properly. sourceistock

Exfoliate Before getting a bikini wax, exfoliate your pubic hair and hairline. This is because it will soften the hair and skin and waxing will be done well. sourceistock

No waxing in periods Do not get bikini wax done 34 days before the period starts and 34 days after it ends. This is because during this time the skin becomes very sensitive due to which you may have more pain. sourceistock

Use of Numbing Cream If you cannot tolerate pain at all while getting bikini wax done, then you can use Numbing Cream on that part. Yes, before using the numbing cream, do take a patch test. sourcepexels

Is it necessary to get bikini wax done Hair removal of private parts is completely optional. If you want, you can also keep distance from bikini wax. But bikini wax completely removes the hair peeking out from the panty line. sourcepexels

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