Do this yoga to keep the liver healthy

Do this yoga to keep the liver healthy by amrendra kumar yadav 05 Aug 2023 0700 am

Liver is the most important part of our body. That's why its care is very important. We can have many other diseases due to liver problems.

By doing Yoga, everything remains correct. Along with physical health, mental health is also good. In this, some such yogasanas have been mentioned which are very beneficial for the liver of the liver.

To do Balasana, sit on your knees and touch your head to the ground. Now extend both the hands forward and keep the palm down.

Dhanurasana This is a very beneficial yoga for the health of the liver. By doing this, there is a stretch on the stomach and toxins come out.

To do Bhujangasana, lie down on your stomach and keep your hands firmly on the ground. Take a deep breath and lift the body high.

Then do this, push the back backward and let the body rise, raise the chest and move the head backward.

Ardha Matsyendrasana To do this, bend the right knee and keep it outside the left knee and wrap the left palm around the right knee and keep the right hand behind the ground.

The liver remains correct, keeping the spine very straight, take a breath and slowly turn to the right. This keeps the liver right.

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