Do this work to make the phone last longer

Do this work to make the phone last longer by amrendra kumar yadav 30 jul 2023 0800 am

Smartphone In today's time, everyone has a smartphone and it has become an integral part of our life.

Expensive Smartphone People buy the costliest smartphone but when it comes to its security, they start lagging behind.

Tips In such a situation, we will tell you about some such tips which are necessary for the long life of the mobile phone.

Keep the bill and box carefully after buying the phone and keep its bill and bill box carefully because the IMEI number is written in it.

Get insurance If the phone is expensive, then definitely get insurance because it can be recovered if it is stolen or damaged.

Software update After setting up the phone, check the software update and keep updating from time to time.

Keep emptying the storage Keep emptying the storage of the phone from time to time. This will not make the phone slow and will work smoothly.

Back cover and screen glass To keep the phone safe, make sure to apply its back cover and screen glass.

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