Do these measures to avoid premature death

Do these measures to avoid premature death by ashish mishra 31 jul 2023 0800 am

Premature death Many people become victims of some incident while going somewhere or at home. There are some measures by which it can be avoided. Let us know what measures should be taken to avoid premature death.

Astrology Many such measures have been mentioned in astrology, by adopting which premature death can be avoided.

Worship of Shiva According to astrology, Lord Shiva is considered the lord of untimely death. Premature death can be avoided by worshiping Bholenath.

Molasses of jaggery If there is untimely death in your horoscope, then molasses of jaggery and flour should be made and fed to an eagle or a crow.

Remedy of Black Sesame To avoid untimely death, make bread of black sesame and barley on Tuesday and Saturday and take it off the person's head 7 times and feed it to buffalo.

Worship of Shani Dev Untimely death can be overcome by worshiping Shani Dev on Saturday. Apart from this, iron items and mustard oil should be donated on Saturday.

Worshiping daily The easiest way to remove untimely death is to worship daily. By doing this premature death can be removed from the horoscope.

Precautions Apart from these measures, precautions should be taken while traveling. Otherwise the incident may happen.

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