Do not eat these things in dengue, immunity will weaken

Don't eat these things in dengue it will weaken immunity by amrendra kumar yadav 06 Aug 2023 0200 pm

Dengue The risk of dengue increases during the rainy season. Headache, high fever, muscle pain are caused due to its problem.

Platelets start falling due to which blood platelets start falling rapidly. Food also has to be taken special care of.

What not to eat Some things should be avoided in the problem of dengue because they further weaken the immunity.

Caffeinated things should not be consumed in Coffee Coffee Dengue. This causes dehydration and increases the heartbeat. Muscle problems also increase.

Do not eat non-veg A person suffering from dengue should avoid eating non-veg because it contains a lot of oil and spices and there is difficulty in digesting them.

Spicy food Spicy food should be avoided in the problem of dengue as it can lead to accumulation of acid in the stomach and ulcer problem.

Consume them People suffering from dengue should consume coconut water, papaya and kiwi.

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