Do not eat garlic in these diseases, there may be harm

Do not eat garlic in these diseases, it can cause harm by ashish mishra 04 Aug 2023 1131 am

Garlic Garlic is often seen in homes. It is full of medicinal properties. Let us know in which diseases garlic should not be eaten.

Staying healthy Special attention should be paid to diet to keep the body healthy. There are many diseases in which eating garlic can be harmful.

The problem of diarrhea People who have problems related to vomiting or diarrhea should avoid consuming garlic in large quantities.

Skin problems People who are allergic to garlic should avoid consuming it. Doing this can increase skin problems.

Blood thinners are found in blood garlic. Consuming it can make the blood thinner. Due to this, there can be a problem in stopping the blood due to injury.

Liver problem Garlic has high antioxidant properties. It should be avoided in any problem related to liver.

Blood pressure If you are a patient of blood pressure, then you should avoid eating raw garlic. This may increase your problem.

The problem of acidity In the problem related to acidity, garlic should be avoided. If you eat garlic then there may be a burning sensation in the chest.

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