Do not do these mistakes related to money plant even by mistake

Don't do these mistakes related to money plant even by mistake by sahil 29 jul 2023 1134 am

Money Plant It is auspicious to plant a money plant in the house. According to Vastu, by applying this, there is a special grace of Goddess Lakshmi at home.

Vastu Shastra Apart from the directions in Vastu Shastra, some important instructions have also been given regarding the plants to be planted in the house. Some things have also been told about the plant of money plant in Vastu.

Attracting Money The name of the money plant itself suggests that it is a money-giving plant. Money plant attracts money because of which people plant it in their homes.

Rules related to money plant There are some rules related to planting money plant, which is considered a symbol of wealth, in the house, if you don't take care of it, you can also be harmed.

Planting by stealth People believe that the money plant should be planted by stealth means by hiding it from everyone. Although there is a religious belief that by doing this, Mother Lakshmi gets angry.

Don't donate Money plant plant should not be gifted or donated to anyone even by mistake. By doing this, the happiness and prosperity of your house will go to someone else's house.

Buying a money plant The best way to grow a money plant at home is to buy it from a nursery. It is said in Vastu Shastra that money plant should always be bought with one's own money.

Don't ask anyone for a plant, usually people ask for the seeds of plants to plant them at home, but money plants should not be planted in their home by asking from anyone.

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