Curd frozen like this, it will be delicious to eat

Curd set like this will be delicious to eat by ashish mishra 05 Aug 2023 0800 am

Curd Curd is often consumed with food. Curd is easily available in the markets, but to eat delicious curd, prepare it at home. Let us know what are the easy ways to make curd at home.

Tasty curd is very tasty to eat. Many people drink it after making syrup. It helps in maintaining energy in the body.

Old Curds Old or sour curds can be used to set new curds. This also improves the taste and sets the curd quickly.

Use of red chilies If you do not have old curd, then 3 to 4 dry chilies should be added to set it. By doing this curd is formed in 7 to 8 hours.

Milk powder Milk powder can be used to set the curd. Before boiling milk, add milk powder to it. This will make curd curd.

Uses of Gelatin Gelatin can be used to set curd. One spoon of gelatin should be mixed in milk and put in boiling milk. By doing this the curd becomes thick and creamy.

Straining the Curd To make the curd thick, it can be strained. By doing this curd can be made thick.

Time to set curd Curd should always be set at night. Doing this gives enough time to set the curd.

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