Color is coming out of clothes, wash like this

How to remove color from clothes by ashish mishra 05 Aug 2023 0115 pm

Clothes often people find the color of the clothes coming off. Because of which it looks ugly when worn. Let us know how to save the colors from getting off the clothes.

Washing Special care should be taken while washing clothes. Different clothes should not be washed together.

Away from the Sun Avoid drying colored clothes in the sun after washing. By doing this the colors start to fade.

Use of detergent Many times people use the wrong detergent. Because of which the color of the clothes starts to fade. Good detergent should be used to maintain the color of the clothes.

Distance from hot water People often start washing clothes in hot water. Doing so can reduce the color of the clothes. Normal water should be used to wash it.

Use of vinegar Vinegar should be used while washing clothes. It helps to protect the clothes from fading.

Washing Separately Clothes of different colors should always be washed separately. By doing this the colors do not get mixed with each other and the shine of the cloth also remains intact.

Cold water Clothes that are dark in color should not be washed in hot water. These clothes should be washed in cold water. By doing this, the color of the clothes remains.

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