Chant these mantras of Sun God, you will get success

Chant these mantras of Sun God, you will get success by farhan khan 30 Jul 2023 0702 pm

Sun God In Sanatan Dharma, Sunday is dedicated to Sun God. On this day, Sun God is worshiped by rituals.

Career and business If the sun is strong in the horoscope, there is desired progress and progress in career and business.

Worship If you also want to give a new dimension to your career or business, then worship the Sun God on Sunday with rituals.

108 Names Chant the mantra of 108 names of the Sun God. In such a situation, let us know about these mantras in detail.

Mantra ॐ Nityanandaya Namah. ॐ Nikhilagamavedyaya Namah। ॐ Deeptamurthaye Namah। ॐ Saukhyadayine Namah।

Chanting ॐ Shreyase Namah. ॐ Srimate Namah. ॐ Aṁ Suprasannaya Namah. ॐ Aim Ishtaarthadaya Namah. ॐ Sampatkaraya Namah।

Mantra ॐ Hiranyagarbhaya Namah. ॐ Tejorupaya Namah। ॐ Pareshaya Namah. ॐ Narayanaaya Namah. ॐ Kavaye Namah.

Chanting Om Suryaya Namah. ॐ Sakalajagatampataye Namah। ॐ Saukhyapradaya Namah। ॐ Adimadhyantarahitaya Namah। ॐ Bhaskaraaya Namah।

Mantra ॐ Grahanampataya Namah. ॐ Varenyaaya Namah। ॐ Tarunaaya Namah। ॐ Paramatmane Namah. ॐ Hariye Namah. ॐ Ravaya Namah. ॐ Ahaskaraaya Namah।

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