Chant these mantras of Sun God, luck will open

Chant these mantras of Sun God, luck will open by farhan khan 04 Aug 2023 1221 pm

Suryadev Surya is the only deity who can be seen in person, by worshiping whom the native gets many benefits.

One gets the boon of staying healthy by chanting Surya Mantra daily. Apart from the inauspiciousness that comes in life, positivity remains.

Happiness and Prosperity In such a situation, let us know about those mantras of Sun God, by chanting which a person's life is filled with happiness and happiness and prosperity also remains.

Mantra ॐ Adityaaya विद्महे Divakaraaya धीमहि तन्नो Suryaḥ prachodayat.

Japa Come, O Sun, in the thousandth part of the brightness, O Lord of the universe. Have mercy on me, O sun, accept me with devotion and offer me my offerings.

Mantra The sun rose and this is my word. Just as I am the enemy, the enemy, the killer of others. The kingdom of bulls destroyed his enemies with poison Just as I said the heroes and the people were shining.

Japa is the origin of the planets and the sun is the cause of the characteristics of the world. May the sun burn my pain caused by the uneven place.

Mantra ऊँ He who is present in the darkness of the mode of passion, and who inhabits the nectar of the mortals. See how the sun travels through the worlds in a golden chariot

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