Boil curry leaves and drink these benefits

By amrendra kumar yadav 06 Aug 2023 0900 am

Curry leaves are found in almost everyone's home. Applying its tadka in vegetables or pulses increases the taste.

Rich in nutrients It is rich in nutrients. Vitamin C calcium iron protein carbohydrates are found in it.

Benefits from this Apart from use in the kitchen, it has many benefits. Will talk about the benefits of this. Boiling its leaves and drinking water gives many benefits.

Helpful in weight loss Curry leaves are helpful in weight loss. Fiber is found in high quantity in it and calories are found less, due to which weight is reduced.

Avoid overeating Due to the high amount of fiber, the stomach feels full for a long time and avoids overeating.

Improve digestion: Digestion remains correct by its use. If there is a digestive problem, boil the water of its leaves and drink it, you will get relief.

Immunity Booster It also works as an immunity booster. The antioxidant properties present in it help the body fight against diseases.

Better for skin hair This leaf is also very beneficial for the health of hair and skin. Apart from this, it also maintains the health of the heart.

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