Bebaak Sai became bold, Hottest look

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Sai Joshi's impeccable character in the serial Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein was liked by everyone. Even though the characters have changed after the leap, the audience still remembers Sai. Bebak Sai instagram ayeshasingh19

Sai Joshi's character was played by Ayesha Singh, who is very active on social media and creates panic with her photos. ayesha singh instagram ayeshasingh19

Ayesha shares one to one glamorous looks and raises the temperature. The same has happened this time also. social media instagram ayeshasingh19

Ayesha has given amazing poses with bold eye makeup and killer attitude. killer instagram ayeshasingh19

While Ayesha's hairstyle with wavy curls and her statement jewelry are adding charm to the look. wavy curls instagram ayeshasingh19

After seeing this look of Ayesha, it would not be wrong to say that she is giving competition to big actresses as well. amazing ayesha instagram ayeshasingh19

Even before this, Ayesha has shared such killer looks many times and has increased the heartbeat of the fans. cool look instagram ayeshasingh19

Ayesha's look is also worth seeing in this designer saree, the blouse design is also very hot. amazing saree look instagram ayeshasingh19

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