Bad times start by putting a mirror in this direction of the house.

Bad time starts by placing mirror in this direction of the house by sahil 29 jul 2023 1144 am

Mirror We all have a mirror in our house. Seeing themselves in this, women do make-up. Perhaps you would know that the direction of the mirror in the house should also be taken care of.

According to Vastu Shastra, special care has to be taken of the direction of the mirror in the house. If the mirror is placed in the wrong direction, it affects the happiness and prosperity of the house.

Vastu Dosh: By applying glass at the wrong place, Vastu Dosha arises. Let us know in which direction to put the mirror and in which not.

Don't put mirror on this wall According to Vastu, to put mirror in the house, keep in mind that mirror should never be put on south or west wall.

Negative Effects It has been said in Vastu that placing a mirror in the south or west direction has a negative effect and your troubles can also increase.

Cover the mirror If you have a mirror in your bedroom, cover it with a cloth while sleeping. This will reduce the effect of negative energy.

East or North direction The right direction to place the mirror is considered as East or North in Vastu. By placing a mirror in this direction, happiness and prosperity remains in the house.

Dirty mirror Dirty mirror should not be installed in the house even by mistake. By doing this also there is communication of negative energy in the house. For this reason, always keep the glass clean.

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