Apply hair oil made of 6 things, get wavy long hair

Aug 14 2023 apply hair oil made of 6 things get wavy long hair arunima soni

Hair care is important, the first thing is that whether the hair is long or short, every type of hair needs as much care. sourcejanhvikapoorinstagram

Hair oil Here you will be told how to make such an oil by mixing some things, by applying which your hair will become black, thick and long. sourcekiaraaliaadvaniinstagram

Ingredients Take 200 grams of coconut oil and 100 grams of olive oil, 50 grams of almond oil and 30 grams of castor oil. sourceistock

Hibiscus flower Take 5 hibiscus flowers. sourceistock

Gooseberry juice Along with this, take 30 grams of fresh green gooseberry juice. sourceistock

Neem and take 15-20 neem leaves. sourceistock

Make oil like this, mix all these ingredients together in oil and put them in a pan and cook on a very low flame till the color changes. sourceistock

When the store cools down, keep it in a clean glass bottle. sourceistock

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