Amrita Singh was uncomfortable with Saif, Sunny was standing there

Amrita Singh was uncomfortable with Saif, Sunny was standing there archana kumari singh Aug 16 2023

Amrita was a successful actress Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan were married when the actress was at the height of her career and the actor had made an entry. sourcekareenakapoorkhaninstagram

Amrita was quite bindaas earlier Amrita told in her interview that she used to be quite bindaas before marriage but she was my age. sourcesaraalikhan95instagram

Lived on my own terms, she said I was young, I lived for myself, I didn't live on someone else's terms. sourcesaraalikhan95instagram

I have become slow, I am still very strong, but I feel that now I have become a little humble and have become slow. sourcesaraalikhan95instagram

Behenji type rahi hoon, I have never been as cool as bikini wearers, I have always been Behenji type, which I still am. sourcesaraalikhan95instagram

People think twice, I think this also protects, people come to me and think twice before saying anything. sourcesaraalikhan95instagram

The story of the first meeting Amrita had also told the story of the first meeting with Saif Ali Khan. sourcekareenakapoorkhaninstagram

On the sets of Rahul Rawail, he told that their first meeting was on the sets of Rahul Rawail with whom Amrita had done her first film and also launched Saif. sourcekareenakapoorkhaninstagram

Photoshoot with Saifkajol He had asked all those whom he had launched to come on his sets and do a photoshoot with Saifkajol. sourcesaraalikhan95instagram

How was the first meeting There I had my first meeting with Saif. Amrita was asked how she felt seeing Saif for the first time. sourcesaraalikhan95instagram

Said I was conscious, Amrita told that I didn't feel anything because my other heroes were also there, so I was conscious. sourcekareenakapoorkhaninstagram

Amrita and Saif appeared on Simi Grewal's chat show and narrated the story of their first meeting there. sourcekareenakapoorkhaninstagram

Late for the photoshoot, Simi Grewal asked who were the actors there, Amrita said no, it was not a fact, I was conscious that Rahul was late for Rawail's photoshoot. sourcekareenakapoorkhaninstagram

Sunny was around there, Simi again asked who were the actors there, then Saif replied with a fire and said Sunny. sourceiamsunnydeoinstagram

Affair discussions Let us tell you that there was a lot of discussion about Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh's affair at one point of their career. Both were seen together in many films like Betaab Krodh. sourceiamsunnydeoinstagram

Amrita has two children Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan have two children Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim from this marriage. sourcesaraalikhan95instagram

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