Amazing range...amazing features! Ola's cheapest electric scooter

Ola's cheapest electric scooter by aaj tak auto Tremendous rangeAmazing features

Ola has launched ola s1x as its most affordable model in the market, the initial price of which has been fixed at just Rs 89999 ex-showroom.

Ola s1x has been introduced in a total of three variants, which include s1x s1x 3kwh and s1x 2kwh, their price is Rs 109999, Rs 99999 and Rs 89999 ex-showroom respectively.

However, you can buy it even more cheaply if you book before August 21, then their price will be Rs 99999, Rs 89999 and Rs 79999 respectively.

Regarding ola s1 x, the company claims that this electric scooter gives a driving range of up to 151 kilometers in a single charge, its top speed is 90 kilometers per hour.

Ola s1 x range bookings open s1 x deliveries will start from september while s1 x 3kwh and s1 x 2kwh deliveries will start from december

It has a 5-inch LCD display and this electric scooter has been launched in the market with a total of 7 color options. It is the cheapest scooter in the company's portfolio.

In this electric scooter, the company has used a new Banana Shape design battery pack, for which Ola claims that it is easily fitted in less space.

The motor controller is now housed within the motor itself and the battery pack, which is smaller in size, has fewer components, and the company says that with fewer components, the weight has also come down.

Reverse driving mode is also given in ola s1 x apart from this many features including keyless access and comfortable seat have been included in this scooter

The ola s1 x also features smartphone connectivity, allowing riders to connect their smartphones to the scooter.

Along with launching this scooter, Ola has also unveiled a wide range of bikes to be introduced in the future, click on the link to see how these bikes are ola bikes range

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