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There are many Bollywood actors who live a luxury lifestyle, you might not know about some secrets related to their lives. secrets

Do you know Bollywood's famous actor Akshay Kumar always writes Om before starting his every work. write om

Everyone knows about the megastar of Bollywood that he is a lefty and writes with his left hand, but do you know that he writes beautifully with his right hand as well. with both hands

Bollywood's richest actor Shahrukh Khan does not like anyone clicking his picture while eating food. They like to eat food in complete privacy. Shahrukh

Salman Khan has a very strange hobby. He is very fond of collecting soaps. They have a huge collection of handmade soaps. Salman Khan

The actress, known for her generosity, does not have a paid dog or a pet cat but a python snake at her home. Sushmita has kept the Python snake in her house. weird hobby

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