32-year-old actress became body-shamed, did not get work due to looks, said

The 32-year-old actress did not get work because of her body-shamed looks, said she feels bad 24 August 2023 Photo source Instagram

In the reality show Bigg Boss OTT 2, Babika Dhurve boldly faced everyone, especially Fukra Insaan aka Abhishek Malhan, who became emotional.

The way Abhishek and Elvis body-shamed Babika somewhere, the actress has been deeply hurt, recently in an interview, Babika spoke openly about it.

She is the strongest contestant of the show because of her negative image, she may not win the show but she has definitely won the hearts of the audience. She is the drama queen of the show.

I used to feel very bad that's why I had more fights with him, I used to talk, he used to provoke me, I distanced myself from him, but he only saw me to fight.

Many times when he body-shamed me, he himself felt bad about it, but the next day he started doing the same again, so what was the use of feeling bad about it?

Today those things of his are getting circulated people are making memes bodysham does only those who have small thinking I don't understand why Abhishek is doing these mistakes with me being smart

One day in the show Pooja Mam told me that she will take me to Brazil where women love their bodies.

How many times I got rejected, I didn't get lead roles because I am fat, I used to be offered the role of boy's sister, but still I kept faith in myself and the rest of the confidence you people have seen inside my house.

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